Sunday, October 22, 2017

KC Half Marathon

These 2 strong young men just ran their first half marathon.  They ran in together with a time of 2:07.  So proud of these boys!


Spent the week in Tucson, Arizona for our annual customer conference.  I presented on a panel, ran a demo booth and talked to a gazillion people.  I love my job.  I love my coworkers.  I love my customers.  It was an awesome week!

Miami Heat

The Miami Heat were in Kansas City for a preseason game and the boys got to go.


Addie and Bryan went with a great group of kids.  And they took Zacq to his first homecoming!  We love having Zacq here. 

Caleb Cross Country

Caleb has a great first cross country season.  This boy loves to run!

Sunday, October 1, 2017

A Gentle Giant Returns Home

I am 6 foot 3 inches tall but I am the shortest boy in my family, and not by a little. My oldest brother - Jeff Morgan - is 6 foot 10 inches tall. He was a mountain of a man physically and in so many other ways. And he was truly a good brother to me and my siblings.
Late last night my brother Jeff, surrounded by all of his siblings, was called back to his Heavenly home. His life was certainly filled with challenges, limitations, and some frustrations. He often could not do what he so desperately desired to do. But through it all, he maintained his genuine goodness. He would willing give to a brother what he asked - and he did. He was literally his brothers keeper; loyal, faithful, and true.
I am confident that my angel mother and so many beloved relatives who passed on before were anxiously awaiting Jeff's arrival with open arms. His "days on the earth are as a shadow" now, but he shall be restored to his perfect frame and into the rest of his God - a gentle giant.

A weekend to remember

Got to play with my grandson, attend the J. Reuben Clark Law Society Leadership Conference with dear friends, and General Conference. All with my sweet and fun daughter Addie.

The Eagle has Landed

The world's newest Eagle Scout.


I love it when he plays violin.

Lotus Temple

This amazing structure is reminiscent of the Sydney Opera House. The temple was closed because of rain, but our escort knew someone who got us in. Then we got a private tour from the resident architect. The architecture is amazing!

More Indian Hospitality

You guys, again with the hospitality. The team here bought me this beautiful Indian dress. Then they went out and had it ironed for me so I could change and take pictures with them. I couldn't sit for more than 10 minutes without someone checking with me if I needed something. It simply would not have been possible to have any needs or even wants go unmet here. I ❤️ Indian culture.

India Gate and Sikh Temple

Tonight we visited a Sikh temple and India Gate which is a monument to Indian soldiers who died in WWI.
I also picked up a souvenir ... a stomach bug. 



Finally got out for a bit of sightseeing. We visited Akshardham Temple. No pictures allowed on the temple grounds so we had to settle for this pic from the parking lot. It's an amazingly intricate edifice created by 7000 laborers over 5 years.

Indian Beauty

My view from my hotel room. You don't really come to India for sculpted landscapes and lush countrysides. But to me this is really no less beautiful. I love to just sit and watch people coming and going, cars dodging cows in the roadway, 10 people hanging out of a rickshaw, and drivers with their horns. Incidentally, I am told that the horn is the national instrument of India. I believe it.

Indian Hospitality

Indian hospitality is unmatched. We have been fed more today than I could eat in a week. We were escorted everywhere we wanted to go. And we were greeted with this beautiful display of flowers and candles.

Noida Relief Society

Meet the Relief Society of the Noida Branch of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. It was such a pleasure to meet these beautiful ladies today. All are first generation members of the Church, leaving behind generations of culture and tradition to follow Jesus Christ. It was beautiful to see the simplicity of the Gospel through their eyes.

Adventures with Hugh

Hugh and I are off on our adventure! Will I bring him back to his mommy and daddy? No one knows.



Nothing could have prepared me for how much I would love this boy. People always said to me, "You'll love being a grandparent. You get to spoil them and then send them home." That doesn't really capture the essence of grandparenthood for me. First, I NEVER want to send him home. But more importantly, there is something very ETERNAL about watching my child raise her child. I 💙this boy with every ounce of 💙 I have.

World Traveler

Where in the world is Rebecca? I'll fly 20,000 miles in the next 12 days. Ready, set, go ... 


Sunday, September 17, 2017

Go Cougars

Would it be weird if I made this my profile picture? I feel like that would be totally appropriate here.

Chain Saw

The pear tree in the front year was dying a slow death.  The boys got an education in using a chain saw and they took down the tree.