Sunday, July 15, 2018

Day 1: Washington DC

It wouldn't be a Morgan family road trip without driving through the night and our DC trip was no exception!  Brock has an internship in DC this summer, so we hopped in the car the Tuesday before 4th of July and drove all night to get to DC.  We attended the parade on the national mall, visited Arlington Cemetery and then had watched the fireworks by the Washington Monument.  Hugh loves bomb pops, but is undecided about fireworks.  

Mormon Night at the Royals

The 3rd Annual Mormon Night at the Royals was held on July 2, 2018. John Bytheway threw out the first pitch with his wife Kim to catch. We spent a fun day with them, then headed to the ball park for more fun. Sue Allred came with us. Our friends Brian and Kim Hancock opened up their suite to allow us to host guests and opinion leaders. Jeremiah and Mom were on fhe field for the presentation of a community service award.  

Bytheway, a fun new project it on it's way!

During the day before Mormon Night, we spent the day with John & Kim Bytheway on a fun new project.  Stay tuned for the big reveal!  

San Diego Corporate Dash

I almost never get to participate in team building activities with my coworkers because I've been a remote employee for 20 years. But this time, I happened to be in San Diego at the right time. Our team ran the San Diego Corporate Dash.


Sunday, June 24, 2018

Scout Camp 2018

This year it was just Caleb. JJ has high adventure, EFY, youth conference and a job so it was time to skip one. Jeremiah got to go down for a day. We love Bartle!


This past week I was in Carlsbad for our developer's conference - Devcon. As crazy as life gets, I really do love my job and the people that I work with.

Father's Day 2018

This year's taste test was a lot of fun - cupcakes!  Happy Father's Day to this wonderful group of dads!


Caleb selected the geocaching merit badge for scout camp this year. In preparation, he had to create and commit to maintain a geocache. All on his own, he created this geocache to hide at the church with a copy of the Book of Mormon and a note that says to take it.

Girls Camp 2018

Another wonderfully successful year of Girls Camp.  Sadly, this may well be our very last year of camp since Addie is our last daughter.  This year will hold a special place in our hearts where miracles occurred and testimonies were deeply strengthened.  Stand Tall and Never Doubt!